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Your Visit


Welcome to Affordable Urgent Care & Family Practice where are evidently committed to making your visit a smooth experience! Information on this page is meant to ensure that your visit is resourceful and valuable, as possible.

Things You Must bring With You

We expect our patrons and visitors to have the following documents and essentials

  • Photo identification – Patients are expected to have their photo ID at the clinic. Adults accompanying patients below the age of 18 should have required identity, such as passport, employment badge, driver’s license, and military ID. Students can carry their identification card.
  • Proof of guardianship- Adults accompanying patients below the age of 18 must offer proof of guardianship. In case the adults with underage patients are not the legal guardians, a special notarized statement from the parents is considered enough for treatment.
  • Insurance details – Patients who intend to pay for treatments with insurance, especially for non-work-related injuries, must bring insurance proof.
  • Complete Medical history – Our doctors would like to see the medical history of the patient, including past surgeries and ongoing treatments. Please bring the relevant papers.
  • A complete list of current prescriptions of the patient
  • List of allergies and OTC medications that the patient has been using
  • Questions that you may want to ask
  • Books or entertainment for the young children to keep them busy.
  • Any forms that have been signed or filled ahead of visit
  • Any kind of forms that must be filled by healthcare professional for personal and professional needs.

Warm Welcome When Checking In

Your visit to the clinic starts with a warm welcome from our hospitable staff. They will do the following

  • Offer two different forms, which must be filled by the patient or guardian of underage patients.
  • (a) Basic patient information form in English
  • (b) Patient Authorization Form for illness/injuries that are not related to work
  • Ask for ID card and insurance from the patient, following which the deductibles and insurance aspects will be checked and handled.
  • Collect fees, in case you are not insured
  • Help and offer assistance with previous balance and dues

Making Payment

Payments for all treatments and medical assistance must be made in full at the time of the visit. We make things simpler for our patients, offering varied choices of payment.

You’re Experience With Our Clinicians

Right after the formalities have been completed-

  • Our staff will guide you to the examination room
  • Your clinician will check all the forms and discuss the medical issues and injuries in detail
  • Your clinician will check and complete a physical examination, following which he may suggest a few diagnostic tests, such as blood tests, urine tests and x-rays.
  • After diagnostic testing, clinician will then discuss the treatment plans and complete diagnosis
  • You can ask as many questions as you want for the diagnosis and make notes
  • Your clinician will also give all the instructions and treatment plan, along with all necessary prescriptions
  • A complete summary of the treatment and further visits will be sent to primary care physician, in case you have mentioned any service.


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